CCSU Connected

For nearly 170 years, CCSU has been a leader in public higher education, driven by the strength of our connections.

We strive to be connected to our past, to our community, and to each other in our effort to be of better service to our communities and the state of Connecticut. By teaching and embracing the value of connection, we cultivate a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful academic environment.

Connected To Our Past

CCSU is the oldest publicly supported institute of higher education in Connecticut. Over he past 169 years, the school, its name, and the campus have changed.

What hasn't changed are the lasting friendships and memories our studnets gain at CCSU.

Connected To Our Communities

CCSU is proud to have earned the "Community Engagement Institution" designation by the Carnegie Foundation. By investing in our surrounding communities, we teach our students the value of connection.

Central is the stweard of central Connecticut, responsive to community needs and workforce demands.

— President Zulma R. Toro

Connected To Each Other

The CCSU family has cultivated a close-knit community. Students thrive thanks to enthusiastic faculty support, charitable and volunteer opportunities, and an active alumni base.

With more that 100 clubs and organizations and numerous Division 1 athletics events, we also make sure out students have ample opportunities for recreation, expression, and reflection.

Through the quality education we provide, CCSU is a driver/enabler of Social mobility.

— President Zulma R. Toro