CCSU is defined by our connections.

We are connected to our past.

Davidson Hall in 1940

We are connected to our communities.

CCSU Community Engagement

We are connected to each other.

CCSU Student Wearing Blue Devil Horns

These visual connections, across time, generations, and distance, distinguish CCSU. They shape who we are. They drive what we do. They enable us to forge even stronger connections as we pursue our aspirations and as we reaffirm our connections to each other.

About CCSUConnected

Current Endowment


In Our Students' Words

  • Austin Lopez

    “When I received this scholarship, I was so proud of myself that I almost cried because I was always told that I wasn’t good enough for college or not “college ready.” But, here I am working and striving to get my bachelors in Biomolecular Science and hopefully graduate with a 4.0 GPA.”

    Biomolecular Sciences Major
    Recipient, Governor William A. O’Neill Endowed Chair Scholarship

  • Erin Brown

    “I promise to continue to uphold the qualities of a CCSU student and to make my school proud by working towards building a brighter and better future for myself and for those around me.”

    Pre-Nursing Major
    Recipient, Thomas and Elsie Deeley Foundation and Alice Lynch Scholarships, Student Athlete, Women’s Swimming & Diving Team

  • Francesco Blackmore

    “Academically, this scholarship has helped me to continue my studies here at CCSU. It has motivated me to work harder each day because this scholarship has proven to me that there are individuals who believe in me and my education.”

    Music Major
    Recipient, Margaret & John Paskevitch Scholarship

  • Jason Madej

    “Many years from now, I will look back at my college education, and in the back of my mind, I will always remember that it may not have been possible without the help of generous donors like you. I am proud that my academic achievements are being recognized, and I can and will continue to work just as hard thanks to you.”

    Mathematics Major
    Recipient, Anthony & Helen G. Bichum Scholarship

  • Jeremy Anderson

    “My family is so proud of how far I have come and considers this a blessing. This scholarship is more than just money; it tells me that I am viewed as having the potential to make a difference in the future for our society. ”

    Masters of Business Administration Candidate
    Recipient, Nancye Perry Scholarship

  • Kaitlyn Oberndorfer

    “I can’t begin to put into words how grateful I am for your kindness and the impact your work will have on my semester of student teaching, when my finances were destined to become scarily tight. Being that I fully subscribe to the idea of “paying it forward,” I hope to show the same spirit of commitment towards promoting post-secondary education for tomorrow’s students as you so kindly have done for me. I may not ever know who you kind souls are, but if we ever do cross paths, please let me thank you.”

    History Major
    Recipient, Ruth Schlichting Kossyta Scholarship

  • Melissa Figueroa

    “I believe that art is essential and can help developing minds explore their creativity and expand their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Thank you for your generous gift and the opportunity for advancement in my education.”

    Art Education Major
    Recipient, Class of 1940 Scholarship


Campaign Goals

We ask you to be a part of CCSUConnected, our campaign to enable CCSU to achieve its goal of even greater academic and student success.


Providing Opportunity

Students who did not think college was an option will see how a CCSU education enables economic mobility.


Supporting Academic Excellence

Students will benefit from an outstanding faculty, creating new knowledge in a growing array of academic programs.


Enhancing the Student Experience

Students will be able to customize their educational experience by participating in research and internships, by studying abroad or living on campus, and by participating in intercollegiate athletics and intramural sports.


Becoming the Campus of the Future

Students will study on a state-of-the-art campus with a physical infrastructure capable of supporting greater academic excellence and physical growth, and fostering a student-friendly living and learning environment.


Sustaining our Commitment to Community

Students and faculty will continue to lend a helping hand to create new and improved partnerships with our host city of New Britain and neighboring communities as we fulfill our obligation to serve as a steward of central Connecticut.

Total Goal - $75 Million

Gifting Opportunities

exist across the university

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  • Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Education and Professional Studies
  • School of Engineering, Science, and Technology
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • Blue Devil Athletics

Through our CCSUConnected Campaign, we seek to raise $75 million over the next 5 years to maintain academic excellence, increase our enrollment, deepen our community engagement, and leverage diminishing State resources to be a responsive and creative educational and cultural resource for the people and institutions of central Connecticut.

Ways to Give

Give your way, when the time is right.

Outright Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash are the most common form of contribution.  A cash gift has an immediate impact and in some cases, a donor’s employer may also provide a matching gift.

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Planned Gifts

Planned gifts, which may be made in a donor’s lifetime or at the time of death, are part of an individual’s overall financial and/or estate planning.  They allow donors to maximize their contribution without depleting current resources. Most planned gifts take on the form of a charitable bequest included in a person’s will.

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Donation of Marketable Securities

Transfer of stocks, mutual funds, corporate and municipal bonds and certain government bonds are also an attractive giving option.  Ownership can easily be transferred to the CCSU Foundation, in most cases without tax liability for the donor.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This form of giving provides a means for making a sizable gift to the Foundation without sacrificing the income that the gift property will produce. It can result in significant tax benefits to the donor.  

Life Insurance

Donors can make current gifts to the CCSU Foundation by assigning annual policy dividends to the CCSU Foundation.  Or, they may give whole life policies which have been paid in full, by naming CCSU Foundation as the beneficiary. A donor may also purchase a new policy, naming CCSU Foundation as the owner, but continue to pay the premium on the policy either directly or through the Foundation.


A pledge is a promise to pay, usually within a period of one to five years.  This form of giving allows a donor to pay a cash gift over a period of time, at regularly scheduled intervals.

Tangible Personal Property

Gifts of tangible property, such as artwork, land, real estate or other tangible property of value, are also accepted.

Capital Improvements

Student using interesting scientific instrument
  • We are creating a friendly campus, making it easier to park, dine, study, and socialize.

  • We are enhancing our academic facilities, as we pursue academic excellence.

  • We are improving our athletic and recreational facilities to meet the athletic, recreational, wellness, and social needs of the extended University community.

Commemorative Gifts

are a way to achieve a form of immortality.

Naming Opportunities

Commemorative naming opportunities start with contributions of $25,000. Facilities that may be named include academic, administrative, artistic and athletic facilities, gardens, recreational space and academic facilities including classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, office suites, conference rooms and auditoriums. Donors wishing to remain anonymous may honor the lifetime or achievements of a loved one or preeminent individual with a connection to CCSU.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarship funds provide a chance for immortality – the opportunity for your name and legacy to live on in perpetuity supporting a cause you are passionate about. The threshold for an endowed scholarship fund is $25,000, which may be capitalized over a period of three to five years.

We are transforming our historic campus into a state-of-the-art learning environment. In addition to the renovations and upgrades of existing facilities currently underway, new capital projects on the horizon will transform our campus into a more vibrant center of academic excellence and community engagement.

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said that CCSU prepared them well for graduate or professional school



said that CCSU prepared them well for life after graduation



report that their current occupation is related to their career goals



report a current salary range of over $50k a year

Letter From President Zulma R. Toro

President Zulma R. Toro

We are a vibrant campus community where new and enduring friendships are formed, where students’ pride in their choice of Central affirms their sense of belonging, where participation in faculty-led research spurs educational aspirations, where campus activities foster growth, where tuition remains low and support remains high, where all are welcome.

As we work diligently to fulfill our obligation to be a steward of central Connecticut, we are opening our doors to our communities – our neighbors, area businesses, civic organizations, and public agencies. We are collaborating with elected officials and school superintendents throughout the region to learn more about the towns and the needs of their young people. Through partnerships such as the Ana Grace Project, we are enabling the University to leverage its resources more fully on behalf of our communities’ children and youth who will, someday, become our students.

These are exciting times for Central, our students, and our communities. I invite you to join us on this journey as we take CCSU to new levels of academic excellence, student success, and civic engagement while honoring our past, embracing our community, and connecting with one another in new and exciting ways.

Zulma R. Toro