CCSU offers a variety of programs that can be completed entirely online!

Online programs combine the high-quality education found on campus with the flexibility students need to work around a busy schedule. Online courses are taught by full-time faculty. Students enrolled in online courses have full access to all on-campus resources and services.

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Data Science M.S. Master's Degree Program State-of-the-art data modeling methodologies prepare graduates for careers in fraud detection, credit card scoring, and personal profile marketing. Students use sophisticated statistical techniques and software to find significant patterns and trends in large data sets. Emphasizes hands-on data mining. Courses available online. Official Certificate Program in Data Science Official Certificate Programs Prepares current professionals and students with an overview of data mining methods and models and how to apply these techniques to large data sets. Other topics covered include web and text mining, mining for genomics and proteomics, and current issues in data mining. Nursing: Hospice & Palliative Care MSN Master's Degree Program The Master of Science in Nursing in Hospice and Palliative Care program utilizes a holistic approach to hospice and palliative care training. Students work to complete the master's level essential skills required by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Coursework is provided in an online format and includes theory and best practices; end-of-life care policy and ethical issues; nursing leadership; pharmacology and complementary therapies; and more, followed by a nursing practicum and capstone project. Online Spanish M.A. Master's Degree Program This MA program is designed to provide Spanish graduate students in general and current in-service teachers in particular with graduate-level coursework in Spanish language and Hispanic literature and cultures. The program consists of 30 credits and capstone (Plan A: Thesis; Plan B: Comprehensive Exams). In brief, this original program can be characterized by its flexibility, the high quality of its instruction, the state of the art technology that allows for interactivity over the Internet and the closest experience on line to a real classroom. Official Certificate Program in Supply Chain and Logistics Official Certificate Programs Designed for professionals involved in any aspect of the supply chain from engineering, packaging, purchasing, storage and distribution, traffic and transportation, and customer service. Program examines every function within the supply chain including financial, marketing, and sales issues.

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Accounting B.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs Accounting is the "language of business." Managers use accounting information to help with planning, controlling, and decision-making. CCSU's accounting program prepares graduates for challenging and rewarding positions as auditors in insurance companies, manufacturing firms, state and federal agencies (including the FBI), and consulting firms. Official Certificate Program in Advanced Detective Certificate Official Certificate Programs Designed for professionals involved in crime scene investigation and command situations at critical events. Program covers theory and practice of investigation using modern technology and best practices. Graduates will learn fundamental principles and methods to improve work processes. Courses from the Certificate Program can be applied toward the M.S. in Criminal Justice. Official Certificate Program in Business Leadership Official Certificate Programs Central Connecticut State University is offering a timely program designed for today's business professionals. This graduate-level certificate is intended for emerging leaders, supervisors, and managers of all levels. Both experienced and inexperienced managers and supervisors will gain a comprehensive perspective from this program. The program focuses on developing the skills required to progress into competent business leaders. Official Certificate Program in Commercial Lending Official Certificate Programs Central Connecticut State University is offering a timely program designed for today's credit analysts and lenders. This graduate-level certificate is intended for business and commercial lending professionals of all levels. Both experienced and inexperienced lenders will gain a comprehensive perspective through this program. The design of the certificate program is well-suited to financial institutions’ need for developing employees who are skilled in the technical aspects of business and commercial lending and have a well-rounded knowledge of how financial institutions work. In the commercial lending specialization courses, students will learn the analytical skills and decision-making techniques to recognize opportunities for successful commercial lending. Detective - Certificate Program Undergraduate Certificate Programs Designed for professionals involved in crime scene investigation and command situations at critical events. Program covers theory and practice of investigation using modern technology and best practices. Students will learn fundamental principles and methods to improve work processes. All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. Up to 12 credits from the Detective Program may be applied toward the B.A. in Criminology per permission of the Department Chair. Educational Leadership: Higher Education Administration Strand Ed.D. Doctoral Degree Programs This program is designed to enhance the skill set of current higher education professionals who aspire to leadership positions, while accommodating work schedules. Some areas of individualized specialization include business, student affairs, institutional research, and athletics. Educational Leadership: PK-12 Strand Ed.D. Doctoral Degree Programs Prepares teachers and administrators in PreK-12 education for leadership positions as principals, lead teachers, department heads, curriculum and assessment specialists, assistant superintendents, and superintendents. Offers a cohort model for study on weekends, evenings, and summer. Field-based projects emphasized. Finance B.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs The Finance program prepares students for managerial careers in corporations, financial institutions, and governmental organizations. With required coursework in business and finance plus required electives in finance, students graduate with the skills necessary to evaluate all business and financial risks and returns in business decisions. Graduates may pursue careers in corporate financial management, banking, insurance, investments, and government. Finance faculty are PhD-trained scholars with extensive backgrounds in financial management and investments, both domestic and international. Their practical experience provides depth to the academic material and enriches the classroom experience. Official Certificate Program in Gerontology Official Certificate Programs The Official Certificate Program (OCP) in Gerontology is designed to prepare students to meet the growing demand for professionals who understand the opportunities, concerns, and needs associated with our aging population. The program is geared toward a diverse group of students and professionals who desire to increase their aging literacy and find their niche in this growing and exciting field. The U.S. Department of Labor has identified careers in aging as a high-growth industry. The program curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student within this interdisciplinary field and can be applied to a wide variety of careers including medicine and caregiving, social service and non-profits, policy and outreach, business and marketing, architecture and urban planning, law and advocacy, exercise science, and management and administration. A graduate certificate in gerontology will provide graduates with a solid foundation in gerontology that will allow them to better meet the needs of the aging population within their particular field or industry. Management B.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs The Management & Organization program provides a basic foundation in management theory and practices. The management major includes four specializations: General, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and International Business. Students are encouraged to customize their course of study based on their professional interests in consultation with a faculty advisor. Graduates can expect to pursue careers in several potential areas, including human resources and personnel management, small business management, international management, nonprofit management, and beyond. Management Information Systems B.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs The Management Information Systems program prepares students for careers as specialists in application programming, database administration, information systems management, and systems analysis and design. The program emphasizes the importance of information as an organizational resource in smart business and organizational development. Required common business core requirements, including such as Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Legal Environment of Business, and Introduction to Management Information Systems, complement courses in Management Information Systems essentials, such as Project Management for Business, Database Management Systems, and IT Project Management and System Implementation, among others. Marketing B.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs The Marketing program provides a basic foundation in marketing skills, theory, and best practices, domestic and international. Coursework prepares students for entry-level positions in sales, customer service, public relations, product management, and market analysis; opportunities in professional marketing; and for graduate study. Students who choose to major in marketing have the opportunity to custom-design their programs. Non-marketing majors who are interested in marketing may select marketing courses that complement their major. Strategic Communication M.S. Master's Degree Program Prepares students for careers in communications and related fields (advertising, community relations, public affairs, customer service, non-profit communications, media relations, and more). Learn to apply research methods (surveys, focus groups, ethnography), diagnose communications problems and create communication campaigns. Intercultural communications strategies emphasized. Official Certificate Program in Supply Chain Analytics Official Certificate Programs Those who complete the certificate in supply chain analytics will learn now to leverage their organization's big data to respond to the increasingly challenging demands of regional, national, and international operating systems, pressures related to pricing and low-cost competitors, and changing demands from customers. Graduates will know how to use data analytics to derive value from their organization's supply chain that will result in savings and efficiencies. Supply Chain and Logistics Management M.S. Master's Degree Program The M.S. in Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SCLM) program prepares students and working professionals careers requiring technical, analytical, and leadership competencies necessary to improve supply chain and logistics processes. The SCLM program combines advanced study in disciplines that expand knowledge in supply chain strategy, warehousing, transporting, logistics, quality, operations, process improvement and leadership.

What our students are saying

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Amanda DiBenedetto

During my practicum hours, I realized that there is a huge need for palliative outpatient care. My hope is to expand the palliative care program at Avon Cancer Center in my new role as Clinical Nurse Leader once I graduate! I am looking forward to learning how I can achieve these goals through my capstone.

James Viscio

Data Scientist at Travelers Insurance

I directly attribute my professional success to the world class education I receieved at CCSU. ...The professors are serious experts in their field, as well as being highly personable, passionate, engaged, and accessible.

Robin Viklund

This program has inspired me to continue as a leader in hospice and palliative care advocacy and education. I recently I resigned my job as an administrative nurse and started a new position with a hospital palliative care program where I will be helping to develop the home-based palliative care program. I am so excited to be contributing to the advancement of palliative care and hospice.

Linda Spinetti

I believe nursing changes continuously and it is important to remain current. This MSN gave me hope that I could be a stronger voice for hospice and palliative care. This degree as a way for me to continue to work in the specialty I adore. I am motivated to educate the community and to improve care and quality of life.