Past Issues

Vol 2, Number 1 Summer/Fall 2020

From the Editor

             The Summer/Fall 2020 issue of 1619: Journal of African American Studies features several powerful articles that range from historical genealogical research to the discussion and analysis of African American Literature and Art.  In addition, it features a paper written by a graduate...

By Walton Brown Foster. PhD, Editor in Chief

Vol 1, Number 2, Special Edition Winter/Spring 2020

From the Editor

This special edition of 1619: Journal of African American Studies is published during an unprecedented time in which the twin forces of a novel viral pandemic, COVID 19, and the perpetual and historical pandemic of violent over-policing of African American individuals and communities unexpectedly and...

Vol 1, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2019


1619: JOURNAL OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES (1619: JAAS) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published biennially. It provides an available space for researchers, faculty, students, and scholars in the CSCU system and beyond to share their investigation of significant historical, cultural, political, social, theoretical,...

Editor in Chief

Dr. Walton Brown-Foster


Editorial Board

Dr. Felton O. Best (CCSU)

Dr. Stacey Close, (ECSU)

Dr. Benjamin Foster, Jr. (CCSU)

Dr. Jane Gates (CSCU)