ENG 213

Intro to Transgender Literature

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Offered Fall 2019

Introduction to Transgender Literature will focus on a range of themes, genres, and topics in literature written by, about, and sometimes for transgender men, transgender women, and non-binary trans voices. Throughout the course, we will read several short stories, several novels, and one nonfiction book. By reading these different styles of writing, we will be able to analyze way authors use different methods of writing. The genres are different as well, ranging from speculative fiction to contemporary literature, a young adult novel with magical realism, a classic novel, and a memoir written by a mother and her transgender son. This range in genre will allow us to explore author technique and common themes present in transgender literature despite differences in format and genre. Along with themes, we will analyze symbolism, motifs, language, and structure. Although this course is primarily centered on literature, there will be some discussion regarding the history of transgender literature, its current state, and the validity of cisgender authors writing transgender voices.


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