Introductory course in college-level academic writing focusing on reading complex sources and writing about them. Emphasis on critical thinking and inquiry; writing as a reflective, social act; locating, evaluating, and using evidence; and applying conventions of the academic community. Substantial guided practice with and discussion of writing as a process. WRT 110 or an acceptable equivalent is required of all students at CCSU. No credit for students who have passed WRT 105.

Enrollment Policies: A score of 550 on the Writing portion of the SAT (or 23 on the English portion of the ACT) is needed to enroll in WRT 110. Students with Writing SAT scores between 540 and 400 (or English ACT scores between 22 and 18) must take the Writing Placement Test to determine their writing course placement. Newly matriculated students who need to take the Placement Test normally receive notice from the English Department; those who do not should contact the department. Students with Writing SAT scores below 400 (or English ACT scores below 18) must complete WRT 100 before taking WRT 110. Students whose first or native language is not English should contact the English Department’s Director of Composition about alternatives to WRT 100. Students who have not completed WRT 105 or 110 prior to earning 61 credits are required to take WRT 202 as well as WRT 105 or 110.  Students with credit for ENG 110 cannot get credit for WRT 110.

Prerequisites: None

3 Credits

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