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Phone: 860-832-2759


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Mon: 2-4 PM

Wed: 1-3 PM

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Complete Curriculum Vitae

(CV GLG 2018)



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Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus (2010)

Sinatra: But Buddy I'm a Kind of Poem (2008)

A Storied Singer: Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit (2002)


Courses Regularly Taught

 ENG 364 Latin Literature (in Translation)

ENG 363 Greek Literature (in Translation)

ENG 340 Early American Literature

ENG 214 The Allusive John Wesley Harding / Wesley Stace

ENG 213 Randy Newman's American Voice(s)

ENG 213 The London Sinatra(s) (including 10-day trip to London)

ENG 210 American Literature I: Beginnings to the Civil War

ENG 110 Introduction to College Writing


LAT 111 Elementary Latin I

 LAT 112 Elementary Latin II

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Courses Upcoming



ENG 388 Euripides at Pella

***(a travel class to Giannitsa, Greece, during Spring Break, March 2019!)***

ENG 213 Randy Newman's American Voice(s)

ENG 210 Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War

LAT 112 Elementary Latin II

ML 126 Intermediate Latin II


Summer 2019

ENG 388 Explorations in World Literature: Works Horatian-The Poetry behind the Adjective

(First Summer Session, on-line)


Fall 2019

ENG 340 Early American Literature

ENG 213 Randy Newman's American Voice(s)

LAT 111 Elementary Latin I

LAT 125 Intermediate Latin I


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 Select Conference Papers (just click on the title):

 Sinatra, St. Cecilia, and Alexander the Great Go to Vietnam

Frank (Sinatra) and Frankie (Valli) sing (Betty) Friedan

Philip Freneau, Kentucky, and Neo-Latin

" martinis for a year": The 1955 Televised Musical Version of Thornton Wilder's Our Town



ENG 214: The London SInatras at the New Globe Theatre, London (March 2018)


"Major Match Maker," Arts and Social Sciences Advising Place (November 2017)


Celebrating the "Learned Blacksmith" Elihu Burritt's 200th Birthday (New Britain, CT 2010)



Posing (Barcelona, Spain 2014)


Hanging with singer-songwriter-novelist Wesley Stace, a.k.a., John Wesley Harding, et alia (New Britain, CT 2013)


AAUP-ing (Hartford, CT 2016)