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Wed: 1:00-3:30 PM

Thur: 8:00-10:30 AM

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Gil at NBMAA


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Ava Gardner: Touches of Venus (2010)

Sinatra: But Buddy I'm a Kind of Poem (2008)

A Storied Singer: Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit (2002)


 Courses Recently Taught

 ENG 364 Latin Literature (in Translation)

ENG 363 Greek Literature (in Translation)

ENG 348 Explorations in American Literature: Early American Drama

ENG 340 Early American Literature

ENG 214 Literary Tour of Ancient Makedonia (including 10-day trip to northern Greece)

(Back in Spring 2022!)

Dr. Gigliotti and Euripides, 2019

ENG 210 American Literature I: Beginnings to the Civil War

LAT 111 and 112 Elementary Latin I and II

 WL 125 and 126 Intermediate Latin I and II

(For more information on Dr. Gigliotti's Latin classes,

see "Latin Classes" link at left and/or email him at

AMS 110 Intro to American Studies 


Courses Upcoming

Fall 2021

ENG 340 Early American Literature

ENG 210 Survey of American Literature - Beginnings to Civil War

LAT 111 Elementary Latin I

WL 125 Intermediate Latin I

WL 200 Topics in Language Study (Independent Study in Latin)


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Select Papers (just click on the title):


How the Heart (and Bones) Approach What They Yearn: Paul Simon (+/- Artie and Carrie) 

Sinatra, St. Cecilia, and Alexander the Great Go to Vietnam

Frank (Sinatra) and Frankie (Valli) sing (Betty) Friedan

Philip Freneau, Kentucky, and Neo-Latin

" martinis for a year": The 1955 Televised Musical Version of Thornton Wilder's Our Town


A fairly accurate portrait by a former student.


Click on link for out my contributions to Blue Muse Magazine's Coronavirus Notebook

  March 30, 2021

December 15, 2020

March 31, 2020


Gokarting 2

 ENG 214: A Literary Tour of Ancient Makedonia (Go-Karting in Northern Greece, March 2019)


ENG 214: The London SInatras at the New Globe Theatre, London (March 2018)


VIDEO: View from the LONDON EYE by student Gina Muratori


"Major Match Maker," Arts and Social Sciences Advising Place (November 2017)


Dear World (March 2017)My Not-a-9/11 Story (Dear World @ CCSU, 2017)


Celebrating the "Learned Blacksmith" Elihu Burritt's 200th Birthday (New Britain, CT 2010)



Posing (Barcelona, Spain 2014)


Hanging with singer-songwriter-novelist Wesley Stace, a.k.a., John Wesley Harding, et alia (New Britain, CT 2013)


AAUP-ing (Hartford, CT 2016)

English Department @CCSU (New Britain, 1993)