Dr. Catherine Thomas

Assistant Professor & Chair


Contact Information

Nicolaus Copernicus Hall 22502

Phone: 860-832-2405

Email: csthomas@ccsu.edu

Office Hours

Because office hours change each semester due to course load, faculty's office hours are posted outside the Department's door.

Dr. Thomas worked primarily in acute care settings during her years as a direct care nurse in both teaching and community hospital settings, ranging in specialties from critical care units (medical, cardiothoracic surgery and medical-surgical) to telemetry units (vascular and thoracic). Prior to transitioning to academia, she worked in several positions in a variety of educational roles, including as a medical clinical nurse specialist. She has an interest in improving the use of evidence based practice and innovation in nursing education, providing innovative opportunities for students to experience and develop their professional identity. Future research focus will be on sepsis in nursing programs.