Elena Koulidobrova

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Willard-DiLoreto Hall W 401-40

Phone: 860-832-2790

Email: elena.koulidobrova@ccsu.edu

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Mon: 1-3

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  • PhD in Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics, 2012, University of Connecticut
  • MA in Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics, 2009, University of Connecticut
  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), 1999, University of Central Missouri
  • Certificate in College Teaching, 1999, University of Central Missouri



Formal properties (syntax/semantics)

  • Sign Languages (e.g. ASL)
  • Languages with, vs. languages without, definite articles
  • Anaphoric expressions (pronouns and ellipsis)

  • Simultaneous vs. sequential
  • Unimodal vs. bimodal
  • Code-switching and transfer


  • L2 learning during K-12
  • Endangered language development
  • Learning of English by individuals whose L1 is a Sign Language
  • Language education for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Disability and language




  • Embedding in ASL (with K.Davidson, Harvard University)
  • Intensification and 'long-distance' anaphora
  • Minimalism-friendly code-switching
  • Sluicing (with L. Zidani-Eroglu, CCSU)
  • Mass-count distinction 


  • Acquisition of D(determiner)P(hrase) cross-linguistically
  • Bimodal Bilingual acquisition (with D. Lillo-Martin, University of Connecticut; D. Chen Pichler, Gallaudet University; R. Muller de Quadros, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
  • Acquisition of a Sign Language as L2 (with J. Palmer and D. Chen Pichler, Gallaudet University; T. Luchkina, CCSU)
  • Language Policy - Bilingualism (with H. Dostal, University of Connecticut, Lon Kunze, Gallaudet University, and J. Werblow, CCSU)
  • Visual Communication (with H. van der Hulst, University of Connecticut)



Typical course load (open access; auditors welcome; sample URLs from the past below)







  • EDSD 412: Student Teaching in TESOL 
  • ENG 290: Readings (Independent Study in Linguistics)[contact me if interested]
  • LING 530: Topics in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics [contact me if interested]: 
    • Biliteracy 
    • Intro to Formal Semantics 
    • At the interface of Historical Linguistics and Anthropology
    • .....


CT Bilingualism and English Language Learning Research Lab, Director