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Ecuador Professional Development. My trip to Ecuador was to the Santo Domingo School in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.  The community, located along the Onzole River, has a culture isolated from the rest of the world for most of its history. Because of its seclusion, the African-Ecuadorian settlement of Santo Domingo has created a singular, thriving community based on longstanding traditions handed down undiluted through generations. With the assistance of the Onzole River Project, Santo Domingo has built a school that is populated by committed teachers (some not college educated) and enthusiastic students.  During my visit to Ecuador I participated in a community integration day with a local family. I walked along side an Ecuadorian mom. I washed cloths in the river and hung them on the cloths line to dry. I also helped to cook lunch for the children and husband of Mrs. Pertucia.  During the week the T2T team met with the classroom teachers for nightly workshop sessions. During the day we observed classroom lessons and also taught a lesson with the help of interpreters.  It was a wonderful experience. One take-away for me was that all teachers want to teach in a way that is relevant to their students.  When students were brought into the lesson, the smiles on their faces were inescapable.  One young girl who had struggled the day before smiled when we used a cooperative group instructional strategy. She said, “I like learning this way”.