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Mathematics Teachers Use of the Culturally Relevant Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Task Framework and Rubric in the Classroom

The 46th Annual Conference of the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA), Interdisciplinary Approaches, Collaborating Minds.  The idea of drawing on multiple perspectives to investigate issues is not likely new to any of us, but it is does carry especial relevance in today’s higher-order thinking, standards-driven educational landscape.  The 2015 NERA Conference offers an exceptional lineup of opportunities for scholarship and community for researchers in education from the Northeast and beyond. (2015 NERA Program Booklet) I presented a 15-minute talk on my paper entitled, Mathematics Teachers' Use of the Culturally Relevant Cognitively Demanding Task Framework in the Classroom.  In my talk, I discussed how today’s teachers are responsible for creating a classroom climate that is responsive to and respectful of the learning needs of students with diverse backgrounds, interests and performance levels. Five secondary mathematics teachers created culturally relevant cognitively demanding mathematics tasks using a framework and shared their students' engagement with the tasks.  Teachers also used the Culturally Relevant Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Task Rubric to determine the level of cultural relevance found in the tasks. I conducted an analysis of the types of tasks created by the teachers. The results were shared.  The paper was published in the conference proceedings.