Edward Moore

Associate Professor

Engineering (Academic Department)

Contact Information

Applied Innovation Hub 315

Phone: 860.832.2436

Email: ned.moore@ccsu.edu

Office Hours

Mon: 9:30-12:30

Tues: 10-11

Thur: 10-11

Other times available by appointment


Industry Experience

Mechanical Engineer, FuelCell Energy, Danbury CT

  • Slashed per unit cost of free-end compression plate by 85% ($10,000) via complete redesign, validation of alternative manufacturing method, and competitive vendor selection.
  • Performed basic research to model and predict the speed of wetting by electrolyte on alumina. Included extensive research into surface energy, surface finish, and reactive wetting. Employed multiple regression techniques and accelerated life testing to construct models which grounded part specifications in science, reducing the cost of manufacturing while improving performance.
  • Evaluated novel fiber optic strain and temperature sensors for use where other sensors could not survive.


PhD University of Connecticut, Mechanical Engineering

Funded by Office of Naval Research to develop model-based crack detection technique using minimal sensing.  Accuracy and precision were verified via experiments.  Sensor locations were optimized using a genetic algorithm.  Sensitivity studies were performed in simulation.  Advised by Prof. Kevin Murphy

M. Eng, McGill University, Mechanical Engineering

Primary mechanical engineer engaged in building DARPA-sponsored legged robot RHex (The work of a large and talented team is summarized in the video at right).  Developed frame and leg design from concept through analysis, manufacturing, testing, and iteration.  Executed design, simulation, coding, and testing of stair climbing algorithm.  Advised by Prof. Martin Buehler at the Ambulatory Robotics Lab.  Development of RHex was continued by Boston Dynamics.

B. Eng, McGill University, Mechanical Engineering

Captain of the Solar Car Team, 1998-2000.