Dr. Sarah Maurer

Associate Professor, Department Chair

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Contact Information

Nicolaus Copernicus Hall 440-03

Phone: 860-832-2575

Email: smaurer@ccsu.edu

Office Hours

Generally on campus from 9:30 to 4


List of external grants awarded between Fall 2013 and Spring 2017. 

Total awarded: $348,419

2017-2019 NASA Exobiology, “Energy Transduction and Carbon-Fixation by Membrane-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as an Early Photosynthetic Model”  $201,775

2017 Connecticut Space Grant Faculty/Student Summer Research “The effect of Membranes on the Polymerization of Amino Acids Under Early Earth Conditions” $13,000 with Brayden Malley and Rubin Rocha

2017-19 National Science Foundation (NSF), “Collaborative Research: Life Out of Water - Possibility of Evolution in Non-Aqueous Environments” $133,644


List of internal grants awarded between Fall 2013 and Spring 2017. 

Total awarded: $24,904

2018 Faculty International Travel Grant from the Center for International Education, "Travel to Life3E: Astrobiology Conference in Quy Nonh, Vietnam" $2000.

2017-18 CSU-AAUP Research Grant, “Co-evolution of membranes and biopolymers: Improved stability of membranes in the presence of simple biomolecules” $4947

2016-2017; Faculty-Student Grant, “Insights into preDarwinian evolution through competition and survival between artificial cells, with Taylor Zaniewski, $500

2016-2017; Faculty-Student Grant, “Prevention of UV-­degradation of amino acids using membrane bound absorbers” with Ruth Bowman and Mi Phan $650

2016-17; CSU-AAUP Research Grant, “Membrane-Assisted Polymerization of Amino Acids” $4721

2015-16; Faculty-Student Grant, “The Role of Membrane-Incorporated PAHs on UV-Induced CPD Formation”, with Agata Orlinski (M.S.), $500

2015-16; Faculty-Student Grant “Fur Secreted Lipid Characterization of RUF vs. Wild type Mus musculus Genotypes”, with Ruth Bowman and Miles Petchler, $703

2015-16; CSU-AAUP Research, “Reduction of UV Damage to DNA using Membrane-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons”, $4896

2014-15; Curriculum Development Grant, “Development of State-of-the-Art Biochemistry Laboratory Curriculum for Undergraduate Training”, $1600

2014-15; Internal Faculty-Student Grant, “Analysis of Lipid Membrane Content in Dynamic Environments”, with Leanne Aakjar and Amanda Chamberland, $600

2014-15; CSU-AAUP Research, “Environmental selection of membrane composition to model chemical evolution on early Earth”, $3787