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Office 365 Hosted Email

We have moved all faculty and staff email off of our current email server and to Microsoft Office 365 hosted email. Moving to Office 365 hosted email allows us to leverage services included in our agreement with Microsoft. Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based software and services, which includes Exchange email as well as Skype for Business, One Drive for Business, Office ProPlus, and SharePoint. Some of the benefits:

  • Larger mailbox size: Currently, faculty and staff have 1GB of email storage. With Office 365, storage will increase to 50GB.
  • Increased availability: By consolidating and offering services in the cloud, it gives faculty and staff flexibility to access applications and services from any internet-connected device
  • Geographic and platform independence: Even if we lose power on campus, email remains accessible from any Internet connected-device.
  • Decreased downtime: Cloud facilities tend to be robust and well-maintained.
  • Enhanced email features: Microsoft continuously adds new features to enhance the user experience.

Although packaged as a suite of tools and available in the cloud, the applications faculty and staff are accustomed to using will still function and feel familiar. Faculty and staff will still be able to use Outlook on the desktop (on campus or at home) to access the hosted email, as well as all other Microsoft software applications. The suite available in the cloud gives users the opportunity to use the applications on the go and install them on personal computers and mobile devices.

How to Access:

On campus, you will continue to use Outlook (Windows)/Mac to access your Office 365 hosted email. To access Office 365 web mail, log in to with your email address and BlueNet account password. 

For more information and detailed instructions, visit

How to Request:

All faculty and staff email accounts have been migrated to Office 365 hosted email. All new BlueNet accounts will automatically have an Office 365 hosted email account created upon activation.  

For more information and detailed instructions, visit

Service Availability:

  • 24/7

Exceptions: N/A

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