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OneDrive is online file storage that is included in your Office 365 account. The features of OneDrive include:

  • Each user gets 1 TB (terabyte) of data storage
  • Documents and data can be stored securely (see CCSU Data Storage Standards below)
  • Documents can also be shared with coworkers (or students and professors) and can be easily created, edited, and reviewed simultaneously with other users. You can also ensure that everyone is working on the most recent document and can view or revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Documents can also be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  • High security frameworks based on ISO 27001 standards
  • By January 2020, all Personal Network Drives (M drives) will be migrated to OneDrive.

How to Access:

Campus computers are configured for OneDrive. Windows computers are configured for your account automatically, files are synched with the "OneDrive - CCSU" on your computer. On a Mac computer, open the OneDrive app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up for the first time, using your CCSU email address.  

To access OneDrive online, log in to with your CCSU email address and password. Click on the OneDrive icon from the main page, or click on the Tile button in the upper-left and select OneDrive from there. To sync OneDrive with your personally-owned computer (Windows or Mac), click on the Sync button and follow the on-screen prompts.

How to Request:

All CCSU faculty, staff, and students are automatically set up with an Office 365 account, which includes OneDrive. 

Service Availability:


Additional Information:

OneDrive Rename - instructions to unlink and relink with new name

Information about File Names and Files Types in OneDrive

Information about Files OnDemand in OneDrive

Using OneDrive with Remote Application Server

Sync OneDrive to local computer (personal or CCSU) - will be visible in File Explorer

PST (Archive) Files are not supported in OneDrive - click here for instructions on how to import them into Outlook client

OneDrive Training and Instructions (Microsoft site)

CCSU Data Storage Standards

Windows - Back Up Documents, Desktop, Pictures Folders

Microsoft does not currently provide an automatic way to back up the Mac Desktop or Documents folders located on the Mac hard drive. Any files stored on the hard drive are at risk for data loss should the hard drive crash. It is recommended that you store all important files in your OneDrive and create desktop shortcuts to the OneDrive folders for easier access.