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Modeler Software (IBM SPSS)

Modeler is a data mining and text analytics software application from IBM.  It is used to build predictive models and conduct other analytic tasks.  It has a visual interface which allows users to leverage statistical and data mining algorithms without programming.

CCSU no longer has a license for campus license for Modeler. However, students and faculty can use their CCSU email address to register for an account with IBM Academic Initiative. The Initiative allows and encourages faculty, students, and researchers at accredited academic institutions to leverage IBM tools, courses, and other resources inside and outside of the classroom. Their mission is to enable students to graduate with direct hands-on experpience on "industrial strength" tools that will help them in their chosen career.

How to Access:

Go to to register and activate an account. Once you have an account there are lot of great resources and software downloads available.

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Additional Information:

IBM SPSS Modeler Tutorial

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