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Accounts Management for BlueNet Account and Office 365/CCSU Email Accounts and Passwords

Your BlueNet Account is a unique username and password which is used to access computing services both on and off campus. This is the only account you need to access most of our computer resources.  Your BlueNet account password is synchronized with your CCSU email / Office 365 account. 

CCSU Accounts Management is used to:

  • activate a new BlueNet account / Office 365 email account
  • reset your password (synchronized with CCSU email/Office 365 account)
  • manage your email account
  • manage your security questions
  • reset your CCSU email/Office 365 MFA (mult-factor authentication, also known as 2-step or two factor authentication)

How to Access:

Direct link:

From the CCSU Home page,

  1. Click on CentralPipeline from the upper-right menu.
  2. Click on the Accounts Management button.  

How to Request:

Access to Accounts Management is available to all students, faculty, and staff. 

Service Availability:


Additional Information:

Your password expires every 240 days. You will receive an email from CCSU Accounts Management approximately 7 days before expiration with instructions for resetting your password, however you may reset it anytime using the CCSU Accounts Management System at

Password resets on CCSU-owned Macs - when your BlueNet account password expires, it is best to reset it on your Mac. Instructions can be found on the MacOS at CCSU document.