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Email - Faculty & Staff

All faculty and staff with a BlueNet Account are automatically given a CCSU email account with a storage quota of 50 gigabyte (GB). The account is hosted by the Microsoft Office 365 program. The CCSU email address is selected when activating a BlueNet Account using the Accounts Management System. It is your official University email address. The address is generally formatted as

How to Access:

On-Campus: The Microsoft Outlook email client is installed on all CCSU-owned computers. It is available under the Programs menu (Windows) or Applications menu (Apple). Click here for more information and instructions.

Off -Campus: You may use Outlook Web Access from any computer connected to the Internet. Navigate to, log in with your CCSU email address and BlueNet account password. Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc): You are required to have a passcode or PIN on your mobile device when connecting it to the CCSU email system. Please review our Mobile Device Security FAQ for more information. When configuring your CCSU email on a mobile device, the Exchange Server is and the domain field should be left blank.

How to Request:

Faculty and staff receive an email account along with your BlueNet account. Click here for more information about requesting a BlueNet account.

Service Availability:

  • 24/7


  • Sunday 12am to 12pm, System maintenance, may impact the availability of this service.

Additional Information:

You may obtain and configure the full version of Microsoft Office through the Office 365 ProPlus program.

Visit the Office 365 at CCSU web site for more information about Office 365, including instructions for how to configure Outlook on and off campus.