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Zoom Information

The university purchases site licenses and provides support for three web conferencing platforms: WebEx, Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate. Each of these is a full-featured tool used to host virtual classes and meetings. Zoom may be used to attend meetings. Teaching Faculty may request an exception to use Zoom for teaching as outlined in the email titled "Zoom - Very Important" sent by AAUP on Friday 1/8/2021.  

How to Access:

In January 2021, the Provost approved over 200 faculty who requested Zoom and an educational license was purchased for each of them. These accounts are the only approved account that should be used for Zoom to host a meeting. It is okay to attend a Zoom meeting. See How to Request below for more information.

Zoom is packaged and available for install on CCSU owned computers. For Apple computers, navigate to "Self Service". For Dell computers, navigate to "Software Center." You do not need administrator privileges to install Zoom.

Go to Single Sign-On (SSO) has been enabled for the CCSU purchased Zoom licenses. Please login with your CCSU email and password.

How to Request:

Teaching Faculty may request a CCSU Zoom account by emailing the Provost Office. All Zoom accounts must be approved by the Provost Office.  After you are approved, you will get an email from Zoom with an account invitation.  Click on the link in the email to activate your CCSU Zoom account.

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