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Computers - For Faculty and Staff

Mobile-Ready Workforce The Covid pandemic has pushed CCSU to move towards a mobile-ready workforce. The goal is to have all full-time faculty and staff replace their desktop computers with a laptop as their primary computer.  We set up a docking station with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse so that you can bring your laptop back and forth seamlessly, between campus and home, if necessary. Once issued a laptop, we will need to coordinate the return of your office desktop.

Office Computers All full-time employees will be provided with one standard laptop computer - either Windows or Mac.  If additional components, not part of our standard configuration, are required, we will review the request and may deem it necessary for individual departments to contribute towards any extra costs. 

How to Request: 

To request a computer, related peripheral equipment, or request an equipment move:

  1. Go to and click on Service and Equipment Requests. 
  2. Login with email address and password.
  3. Search for "IT Funded Computer" or "Peripheral IT Equipment" or "Move".
  4. Complete the form; click Review & Submit; confirm the information and click Submit.

You will receive an email indicating your request has been received.

You may also contact the IT Help Desk to submit a request.

Service Availability:


Additional Information:

For information on purchasing computers and peripherals with departmental funds or for home use, click here.

IT Help Desk: (860) 832-1720 or