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Pharos Pay-for-Printing (Student Ctr, Library, STC)

Students are charged for printing in order to offset the cost of printer maintenance, paper, and toner. Pharos Pay-for-Printing is set up in the Student Center, Library, and Student Technology Center. Students need to have money on their CCSU Blue Chip ID card to print.

How to Access:

Choose File/Print from within an application on any computer in the Library, (2nd and 4th floors), or Student Technology Center. In the Student Center, students can use the PrinterOn Wireless system to send a document from their own device to the printer next to the Information Desk. Click here for further information on using PrinterOn.

After the document is sent to print, it will go to a Print Station next to the printer(s) in the respective areas. Students swipe their ID at the Station, look for their document on the list (based on bluenet account name) and click Print. The document will print as specified in the software application (B&W_Simplex, B&W_Duplex, Color_Simplex, Color_Duplex). 

How to Request:


Service Availability:

Open hours in the Library, Student Center, and Student Technology Center.

Additional Information:

Current costs for Pharos Pay-for-Printing: 
One-sided (Simplex) B&W: $0.05 per page
One-sided (Simplex) Color: $0.25 per page
Two-sided (Duplex) B&W: $0.04 per side (total of $0.08) for one page printed both sides
Two-sided (Duplex) Color: $0.20 per side (total of $0.40) for one page printed both sides

Students need to have money on their Blue Chip ID card to print.