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Adobe Software

We have a site license for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications through NERCOMP. The Agreement includes home use licensing for faculty and staff.

How to Access:

Adobe Acrobat DC (formerly Pro) is is installed on all CCSU-owned computers, including those in classrooms and labs, as well as via the Remote Application Server at

How to Request:

Faculty and Staff Offices

CCSU Owned Windows 10 Computers: 

1. Click on the Windows Start button in the bottom left of the screen.

2. On the line that appears, Search Programs and files, type the word Software.

3. At the top of the list, you will see the words Software Center, click on that to launch the Software Center.

4. Click on either Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or Adobe Acrobat DC and then click to Install.

CCSU Owned Apple Computers:

1. From the dock click on “Self Service.”

2. Click on the Install button for Adobe CC.

CCSU Classrooms & Labs

Software installations can be requested through the Service Request process, 

Software Installation Request for Classrooms/Labs

Home use licensing for faculty and staff

Actively-employed faculty and staff may install Adobe products on personally-owned computers at no charge, log into with your CCSU email/Office 365 account to access this benefit.  

Student Licensing

For the FY20-21 Academic Year, CCSU has purchased a limited number of licenses for students.  Only those courses that require Adobe Creative Cloud will Students be issued a temporary license for that semester.  For more information on how to access Adobe Creative Cloud, please refer to the infomration under "Home use licesing for faculty and staff" on this page.  If you do not have a computer to install the software, Adobe Creative Cloud can be accessed through our remote computers, but only those who have been issued a temporary license will be able to use the software.

Accessing Campus Computers Remotely

Adobe offers a discounted Creative Cloud plan for students, visit for more information.

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