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Wireless Printing in MW TechCentral, Library, and Student Center

Wireless printing is now called Mobile Printing. Students can print documents, photos, etc., from any mobile device using one of three methods: 1. Via the web. 2. Via email. 3. Via an App.

How to Access:

For further information, click here to access the Mobile Printing page.

How to Request:


Service Availability:

Available when TechCentral (STC), Library, and Student Center are open. System maintenance is scheduled every Sunday from 12am until 12pm, which may impact the availability of this service.

Additional Information:

This does not replace the Pay-for-Printing System (Pharos) rather it is a more convenient way for students to print documents without the need to log into a computer in the three areas. Students send documents to the Print Release Stations in the TechCentral, Library, and Student Center via any mobile devices - including laptops.

Current costs for Pharos Pay-for-Printing: 
One-sided (Simplex) B&W: $0.05 per page
One-sided (Simplex) Color: $0.25 per page
Two-sided (Duplex) B&W: $0.04 per side (total of $0.08) for one page printed both sides
Two-sided (Duplex) Color: $0.20 per side (total of $0.40) for one page printed both sides

Students need to have money on their Blue Chip ID card to print.