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Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)

Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) is a software tool that helps prevent identity theft by locating files containing PII (personally identifiable information) on your computer, network share drives, and external media. The Spirion tool allows you take actions on files such as shredding the files, moving them to a quarantine location, or scrubbing the PII data from them.

IMPORTANT: In order to comply with CCSU security policies and protect your PII, Spirion must be run on your M and C drives, email, all file shares of which you are the data owner, and on all computers where you may have stored files. Spirion scans are to be done three times per year (February, May, September) and confirmed via the Confirmation System.

How to Access:

The Spirion software has been installed on all CCSU-owned computers.

  1. Locate Spirion in your programs and enter the default password of "run". 

NOTE: Part-time faculty who want to scan their CCSU email and M drives from home with Spirion may do so via the Remove Application Server (Citrix). Click here for instructions on using Spirion via the Remote Application Server (Citrix).

How to Request:

If you do not find Spirion on your CCSU-owned computer, call the IT Help Desk (x21720) while on campus to have it installed.

Service Availability:

  • 24/7


  • Sunday 12am to 12pm, System maintenance, may impact the availability of this service.

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