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Secure Netshare for Storing Files Containing PII

By running the software, Spirion (formerly Identity Finder), files containing PII (personally identifiable information) may be detected on your computer, network share drives, and external media. If you determine, according to document retention standards, that certain files which contain PII should be kept, your department chair/director must request a secure netshare location in which to store them, and grant access to those who need access to it.

IMPORTANT: In order to comply with CCSU security policies and protect your PII, Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) must be run on your M and C drives, email, all file shares of which you are the data owner, and on all computers where you may have stored files. Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) scans are to be done three times per year (February, May, September) and confirmed via the Confirmation System.

How to Access:


How to Request:

To request a Secure Netshare, click on the Secure Netshare Request Form link and log in with your BlueNet username and password, if prompted. Complete the online form and click on the Review & Submit button; confirm the information and click on the Submit button. You will receive an email indicating your request has been received. 

Service Availability:

  • 24/7


  • Sunday 12am to 12pm, System maintenance, may impact the availability of this service.

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