First Year Orientation

Important Dates & Deadlines


Once students have been accepted to the University, a request for a confirmation deposit and a form to request housing will be mailed out. Please make sure to respond within the allotted timeframe so that you will secure your space at CCSU as a student and if you are seeking housing, as a residential student.

As you complete paperwork to become a student at CCSU, please review all deadlines by accessing the websites listed below. Many of these deadlines are July 15th for the fall semester and December 15th for the spring semester. Failure to meet these requirements may affect your ability to register for classes, change your schedule and/or may adversely affect your status as a student at CCSU.

Please review requirements of the following departments by clicking on the links below:
Financial Aid
Residence Life
Student Wellness Services (SWS), Health (see also brief review of SWS, Health requirements below)

Download the Required SWS, Health forms

Student Wellness Services, Health

(860) 832-1925
(Including transfer and exchange students, and those changing from part-time to full-time status)

All full-time students are required to submit the required health forms to Student Wellness Services, Health no later than July 15 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester.


Your health information is NOT automatically transferred with your academic records from your prior university.
You must submit a completed form with all required information as if you were a first time college student.


Proof of Meningococcal vaccination (Menactra) is required for all residential students prior to room assignment.
No student may move into campus housing without proof of this vaccine.