Sixth-Year Certificate in Mathematics Education Leadership

This program is offered by the Mathematical Sciences and Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology Departments

Program Description

The overall objective of the Sixth Year Certificate Degree in Mathematics Education Leadership is to develop highly skilled and knowledgeable educators who can play leadership roles in their schools and districts to improve student learning in mathematics. There are two tracks within this degree to meet the objectives of our graduates. One track leads to the department chair certification (DCC). The other track leads to the intermediate administrator certification (IAC).

Learning Outcomes

When students complete this program they will be effective leaders in mathematics and as such will have the following abilities:

  1. Effective leaders in mathematics education possess deep content knowledge of the mathematics that is taught in the school, with a focus on grades K-12, and are able to analyze any mathematics curriculum in terms of its logical, psychological, and sociological sources.
  2. Effective leaders in mathematics education are knowledgeable about research on the learning and teaching of mathematics and its impact in the classroom.
  3. Effective leaders in mathematics education examine cultural connections with mathematics and mathematics education and are aware of equity issues, such as gender, race, ethnicity, social class, language acquisition, access to technology, and achievement.
  4. Effective leaders in mathematics education understand how to use assessment as a tool for continued program improvement.
  5. Effective leaders in mathematics education apply their deep understanding of curriculum, learning, teaching, the social context of education, and assessment issues to the challenges of improving teaching and learning in their school and district.