Reading and Language ArtsSixth-Year Certificate

This program is offered by the Literacy, Elementary, & Early Childhood Education Department

Program Description

Prepares literacy professionals and/or literacy coaches. Program offers both certificate or non-certificate tracks and meets IRA standards for reading professionals and/or the Connecticut state standards for advanced certifications in reading and language arts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Candidates interpret and summarize historically shared knowledge of the profession and changes over time in the perceptions of reading and writing development, processes, and components

  2. Candidates support classroom teachers and other education professionals in using instructional approaches, materials, and an integrated, comprehensive, balanced curriculum to support student learning in reading and writing.

  3. Candidates lead classroom teachers and other education support personnel in analyzing and using assessment data to plan and evaluate effective reading and writing instruction.

  4. Candidates provide support and leadership to educators, parents, students and other members of the school community in valuing the contributions of diverse people and traditions to literacy learning

  5. Candidates participate in, design, facilitate, lead, and evaluate effective and differentiated professional development programs.