American Studies, Minor

Program Description

The American Studies Minor gives students the opportunity to explore the diverse culture of the United States in an interdisciplinary context. In consultation with the Coordinator of the American Studies Minor, students are encouraged to shape an individualized course of study to pursue their own academic interests and goals.

Program Curriculum

Requirements (18 credits)

Required Course



15 credits from:

AAPI 110 Introduction to Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies 3 Credits

AFAM 110 Introduction to African-American Studies 3 Credits

AMS 210 Topics in American Studies 3 Credits

AMS 310 Special Topics in American Studies 3 Credits

AMS 410 Seminar in American Studies 1-4 Credits

ANTH 352 Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity 3 Credits

ANTH 401 City Life & Culture 4 Credits

ART 414 American Art & Architecture 3 Credits

ASL 125 Intermediate American Sign Language I 3 Credits

ASL 126 Intermediate American Sign Language II 3 Credits

CEN 200 Introduction to Community and Civic Engagement 3 Credits

CEN 201 Practicum in Community and Civic Engagement 1 Credit

CINE 382 American Cinema 4 Credits

CRM 110 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3 Credits

CRM 231 Criminal Procedure and the Courts 3 Credits

CRM 238 Corrections 3 Credits

ENG 210 Survey of American Literature: Pre-Civil War 3 Credits

ENG 211 Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present 3 Credits

ENG 212 African-American Literature 3 Credits

ENG 213 Studies in American Literature 3 Credits

GEOG 330 United States and Canada 3 Credits

HIST 161 American History to 1877 3 Credits

HIST 162 American History from 1877 to Present 3 Credits

HIST 305 Connecticut and the Nation 3 Credits

HIST 328 History of American Foreign Relations 3 Credits

LTN 110 Introduction to Latino Studies 3 Credits

MUS 113 History of Jazz 3 Credits

MUS 213 Jazz Styles and Chronology 3 Credits

PHIL 355 American Philosophy 3 Credits

PS 110 American Government & Politics 3 Credits

PS 111 Race and Ethnicity in US and Global Politics 3 Credits

PS 230 American State and Local Government 3 Credits

PS 231 U.S. Foreign Policy 3 Credits

RJ 200 Studies in Racial Justice 3 Credits

SOC 111 Social Problems 3 Credits

SOC 212 Race, Class, and Gender 3 Credits

SOC 232 Urban Communities 3 Credits

SOC 233 The Family 3 Credits

Note: No more than 6 credits can be from any one discipline. Special topics courses are subject to approval by the Coordinator of the American Studies Minor.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Other course options may be available if they focus specifically on some aspect of American culture; consult one of the American Studies Co-Coordinators, Mathew Foust (Department of Philosophy) at or Aimee Pozorski (Department of English) at


Aimee Pozorski
Willard-DiLoreto Hall W 401-10
Robert Dowling
Willard-DiLoreto Hall W 401-06