Art Education (Certifiable for PK-12 Teaching), BSEd

This program is offered by the Art & Design Department

Program Description

The School of Education and Professional Studies in conjunction with the Department of Art offer the Bachelor of Science in Education that leads to Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teaching certification in Art Education in Connecticut.

The certification program for the PK-12 art educator offered by the Department of Art is designed to prepare well-educated and competent art teachers to assume the responsibilities of planning and executing elementary and secondary art programs that include instruction in art production, art history and culture, art criticism, and aesthetics; to assume leadership for promoting the art program and the need for art education; and to demonstrate professionalism through involvement in community activities and professional organizations at the local, state, and national levels.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Content: Art Making - Art teacher candidates will demonstrate knowledge of appropriate techniques and processes in a variety of visual media.
  2. Content: Art in Context - Art teacher candidates will demonstrate knowledge of art forms, artists, and art works from diverse historical and contemporary contexts.
  3. Pedagogy: Planning - Teacher candidates will design comprehensive, sequential art curriculum that incorporates a variety of teaching strategies and considers the developmental appropriateness of K-12 students.
  4. Pedagogy: Applying - Art teacher candidates will use a variety of teaching and assessment strategies to promote students' conceptual learning and artistic achievement during select field and student teaching experiences.
  5. Reflective Practitioner - Art teacher candidates will engage in self-reflection and analysis of their field and teaching experiences to identify areas for personal growth.