Astrobiology, Minor

This program is offered by the Geological Sciences Department

Program Description

Designed for majors in Biology, Biomolecular Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics.
18 credits in Astronomy, Biology, Biomolecular Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. Core requirements are AST 208, BIO 121 or BMS 102/103, and capstone course AST 470. The remaining 7 credits will be selected from the following: BIO 200, 230, 315, 405, 440, BMS 201, 316, CHEM 210, 211, 212, 213, AST 209, 378 or 478, or other electives after consultation with an advisor in the minor. In addition, the student must take CHEM 161/162, and 200/201 or 260/201.

Program Curriculum

Requirements: (18 credits)

Capstone: GSCI 470 Exoplanets and Astrobiology (3)

Note that some electives have additional prerequisites.

In addition, students must take CHEM 161 General Chemistry, CHEM 162 General Chemistry Lab and CHEM 201. Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Lab, and either CHEM 200 Foundations of Analytical Chemistry or CHEM 260 Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry. (all required by majors listed above.)

Since students cannot double-count specific courses for a major and minor, Biology, BMS, and GSCI majors may take additional electives in lieu of designated core courses.

Total Credit Hours: 18


Professors who teach Astrobiology, Minor