Biological Sciences: Health Sciences Specialization, M.S.

This program is offered by the Biology Department

Program Description

Prepares students for careers in health research, health professions, or for work at the doctoral level. Students will understand human physiology from the molecular level to the systems level, examining everything from the structure of biomolecules and biochemical reactions to examining organ system physiology and pathophysiology.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students should have a thorough understanding and/or competency in a specific area of biology in addition to a broad-based and integrative standing of basic biological concepts.

  2. Students should demonstrate an ability to effectively convey, both orally and in writing, an advanced understanding of biological content, methods, and issues.

  3. Students should demonstrate an ability to locate, critically analyze, interpret, and discuss primary research literature within the biological sciences.

  4. Students should demonstrate knowledge of up-to-date scientific tools and techniques

  5. Students should demonstrate an awareness of contemporary scientific issues including ethics and the impact of science on society.