Biological Sciences: Wildlife and Conservation Biology, M.S.

This program is offered by the Biology Department

Program Description

The specialization in Wildlife and Conservation Biology is designed to train students for professional careers as wildlife or conservation biologists, lab technicians, or provide adequate preparation for entry into a Ph.D. program. Students in the program will acquire the necessary background and research skills to measure, monitor, and protect the world’s biodiversity. Students will learn to conduct supervised research, network with other professionals, gain relevant field and lab skills, and experience teaching.

The specialization in Wildlife and Conservation Biology has several unique aspects that separate it from other graduate programs. The specialization will be administered through the Biology Department at CCSU, however, to capitalize on the expertise currently found throughout the CSU system, faculty from all four CSU’s may serve on thesis committees. Students will also be able to take suitable coursework at more than one of the CSU campuses. Coursework in the specialization will be interdisciplinary and incorporate performance-based assessment to verify the acquisition of critical skills. It is a research thesis only program and each thesis will be required to have a collaborative component with a state or federal agency or non-profit organization. Each thesis is also required to have at least one clear deliverable that is directly associated with the conservation component of the project.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will develop expertise in field and lab methods used in wildlife and conservation biology
  2. Students will increase their scientific literacy in wildlife and/or conservation biology
  3. Students will experience the stressful physical conditions they may encounter in future careers during rigorous field work (Varies depending on student’s career path)
  4. Students will develop the necessary written skills to publish scientific research in reports and in scientific journals
  5. Students will construct and deliver an oral presentation at a professional conference
  6. Students will gain practical grant writing experience
  7. Students will gain practical teaching experience by preparing and teaching lecture and labs