Biology: Environmental Science, BS

This program is offered by the Biology Department

Program Description

This specialization takes a multidisciplinary approach to environmental science based on a strong core in the biological sciences. The program provides students with a foundation in organismal biology, ecology, environmental chemistry, earth science, and environmental management. With its strengths in freshwater and marine ecology, water pollution, and plant and animal organismal biology, the program prepares students for careers in environmental science and natural resource management with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the environmental management industry and for graduate studies in these areas.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students should demonstrate a broad-based and integrative understanding of basic biological concepts that fosters an appreciation of the diversity of life and the processes by which life has evolved.
  2. Students should demonstrate an ability to effectively convey, both orally and in writing, a knowledge of biological content, methods, and issues.
  3. Students should demonstrate an ability to locate, critically analyze, interpret, and discuss primary research literature within the biological sciences.
  4. Students should demonstrate knowledge of up-to-date scientific tools and techniques.
  5. Students should demonstrate an awareness of contemporary scientific issues including ethics and the impact of science on society.