Business Administration, M.B.A.

Program Description

Accredited by AACSB, a distinction held by only 5% of business schools globally, the MBA program provides five tracks: Business Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain Analytics, and the unique "Central Track" which allows customization to suit professional needs.

Learning Outcomes

MBA Learning Outcomes"

  1. Thinking Skills
    MBA graduates use thinking skills and knowledge of business theory and practice to make effective decisions.
    TS 1: MBA students will gather, analyze, and synthesize relevant data and information in order to solve problems and arrive at appropriate decisions.
  2. Communication Skills
    MBA graduates exercise effective written and oral communication skills.
    CS 1: MBA students will prepare and deliver an effective business document.
    CS 2: MBA students will prepare and deliver an effective business presentation.
  3. Leadership Skills
    MBA graduates demonstrate leadership skills appropriate for a variety of business contexts.
    LS 1: MBA students will evaluate how leadership traits and behaviors affect key stakeholders
  4. Specialized Knowledge
    MBA graduates demonstrate competence in the core curriculum’s shared areas of business knowledge - lean management, business intelligence, and globalization.
    SK 1: MBA students will utilize quantitative analysis methods to identify salient information and trends in data.
    SK 2: MBA students will analyze the local and global impact of organizational decisions.