Computer Science Alternative, B.S.

This program is offered by the Computer Science Department

Program Description

This program has been designed to address the needs of transfer students since it is possible to complete all requirements in as few as four semesters. Compared to the Honors program, the Alternative program does not require as many courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, and other sciences. This program also may be a good fit for students who are switching their major to Computer Science after their freshman or sophomore year. A minor is required for this major.

Student Testimonials

The Computer Science & Information program at CCSU is filled with the most dedicated and passionate faculty. The professors and staff provide the help and opportunity for every student to succeed. The skills I obtained gave me a competitive edge in the industry and I was able to secure a development position before graduation. I'm grateful and proud to call myself an alumnus of the program.
–Lukasz Brodowski

The skills I took away from CCSU extended far beyond what was contained in my textbooks. I learned how to meet deadlines, communicate with team members, and most importantly, how to make the big choices that will go on to define my career. The Computer Science Program at CCSU provided me the opportunities and advice I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my life. The heavy involvement of the faculty in all aspects of my experience at CCSU encouraged me to succeed and gave me the confidence to "put myself out there" to look for jobs. It only took me one interview - and a lot of patience - and now I couldn't be happier. As an information technologist at a higher-ed academic institution, I use many of the skills I acquired in the CS Program at CCSU, including using Linux, implementing network security protocols, and learning how to work with other experts from other departments, just to name a few. I intend to pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science at some point in the near future, so the honor's program accreditation is a huge plus for me. All in all, I am glad that I made the choice to study Computer Science at CCSU.
–Heath Loder

Career Outcomes

Computer Science Alternative degree provides its graduates with a solid foundation for gainful employment in the software industry. This program provides students with a broad range of critical skills in the areas demanded by the software industry, including software development, computer security, networking, databases, artificial intelligence, and many others. Students typically graduate from this program with a handful of employment offers from leading companies including Aetna, United Technologies, Cigna, Travellers, and Optum. In 2017, starting salaries offered to our graduates exceeded $85,000, along with signing bonuses of $10,000 to $15,000.