Computer Science Alternative, BS

This program is offered by the Computer Science Department

Program Description

This program has been designed to address the needs of transfer students since it is possible to complete all requirements in as few as four semesters. Compared to the Honors program, the Alternative program does not require as many courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, and other sciences. This program also may be a good fit for students who are switching their major to Computer Science after their freshman or sophomore year. A minor is required for this major.

Student Testimonials

As a CS student at CCSU, I gained many competitive skills and valuable knowledge in software engineering, such as agile development, web development, etc. Throughout my years at CCSU, I gained a good theoretical background in Computer Science, especially in data structures and algorithms. During my senior year, I received many employment opportunities, and today I am a happy software developer at Optum.
–Krzysztof Konopka

I came to CCSU as a transfer student from a Connecticut Community College. The transition was smooth with all my credits transferring and most credits transferred to specific course requirements at CCSU. My experiences with the professors was always pleasant and they always provided help when asked. The main room for socializing for CS students is the same room used for the CS Club as well as for tutoring which means you will always be surrounded by fellow CS students who are working together to solve their coursework. The coursework at CCSU starts you from ground zero and takes you to a solid understanding of multiple aspects of computing. By the end you will have learned fairly well a programming language, designed your own CPU that can actually perform calculation, created your own version of built in Linux programs, and worked on large group projects with an outside company. I found getting employed after gaining my degree to be easy. The senior capstone had students working with a well known company and that company showed interest in me after the semester was over. In the end I accepted the offer to work with them.
–Paulo Nunes

Career Outcomes

Computer Science Alternative degree provides its graduates with a solid foundation for gainful employment in the software industry. This program provides students with a broad range of critical skills in the areas demanded by the software industry, including software development, computer security, networking, databases, artificial intelligence, and many others. Students typically graduate from this program with a handful of employment offers from leading companies including Aetna, United Technologies, Cigna, Travelers, and Optum. In 2017, starting salaries offered to our graduates exceeded $85,000, along with signing bonuses of $10,000 to $15,000.