Construction Management, B.S.

This program is offered by the Manufacturing & Construction Management Department

Program Curriculum

A minor is not required with is major.

Accredited by ACCE

This sequence of courses is designed to supply the student with knowledge and experiences that will enable him/her to operate effectively in a supervisory position in the construction industries. The emphasis is not on specialized skills, but rather on a broad spectrum of subjects pertinent to the field of construction management. Total number of credits required is 120.

Major Requirements (59 credits)

General Education Requirements

Study Area I: Arts and Humanities

6 credits of arts and humanities


  Literature (3)  

Study Area III: Behavioral Sciences

  Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology  

Skill Area III: Foreign Language Proficiency

Skill Area IV: University Requirement

Other Requirements

Students must complete an exit interview during the year of graduation.

Total Credit Hours: 120