Construction Management, M.S.

This program is offered by the Manufacturing & Construction Management Department

Program Description

Program focuses on developing and running construction and construction-related companies and provides the skills needed to understand and control daily business operations. The program stresses student and industry interaction, experiential learning, and industry related research.

Learning Outcomes

Students in the program will be expected to:

  1. analyze a financial balance sheet for a construction company, understanding how each component impacts financial decisions made by the company;
  2. analyze an annual income statement for a construction company and use it as a tool for projecting company trends;
  3. perform a construction project risk assessment;
  4. evaluate bond and insurance proposals for both construction companies and projects;
  5. analyze a basic construction contract and be able to assess it against other contracts;
  6. comprehend the various options available for dispute resolution in the construction industry;
  7. understand the impacts of different project delivery systems on the construction process; and
  8. conduct research on technology-based issues and prepare technical papers in support of that research.