Counselor Education with Specialization in Student Development in Higher Education, M.S.

This program is offered by the Counselor Education & Family Therapy Department

Program Description

Prepares student development specialists for work in student activities, academic advising, career counseling, orientation, first-year experience programs, residence halls, and learning centers. Emphasizes developmental needs of college students.

Learning Outcomes

Students in the program are expected to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of theory, practice, and ethical standards relative to the practice of student development in higher education;
  2. demonstrate appropriate counseling, advising, and group facilitation techniques for use with students, staff, and faculty in higher education;
  3. demonstrate the ability to collaborate with colleagues throughout their institutions for purposes of creating and assessing learning experiences for students;
  4. identify a wide range of world views based on culture and life experience, including their own, and use this understanding to communicate effectively across cultural and personal differences; and
  5. demonstrate knowledge of federal and state laws pertinent to roles and functions of student affairs professionals and to the responsible management of colleges and universities.