Dance Education with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship, B.S.

This program is offered by the Physical Education & Human Performance Department

Program Description

Students in the CCSU Dance Education Entrepreneurship program develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to pursue a business-based dance career. Graduates will be prepared to teach dance at the highest level and have the knowledge and skills to handle the marketing and managerial side of running a successful business. Students will show evidence of possessing a strong, well-rounded background in dance pedagogy, history, research, learning theory and practicum to become “highly qualified” as a Teaching Artist.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Elements and Skills: Students will identify and perform movement elements and dance skills.
  2. Choreography: Students will identify and apply choreographic principles, processes, and structures.
  3. Meaning: Students will recognize how dance creates and communicates meaning.
  4. Healthy Living: Students will make connections between dance and healthful living.
  5. Connections: Students will make connections between dance, other disciplines, and daily life.