Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

2021 NBCRNA-NCE pass rate 100%

CCSU's Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) program was created in response to critical workforce needs: the demand for nurse anesthetist practitioners will increase dramatically in the coming years and, beginning in 2025, all entry-level nurse anesthetists must possess an earned doctoral degree in anesthesia.

In collaboration with Yale New Haven Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia and Nurse Anesthesia Program of Hartford, our DNAP provides a practice-based doctoral degree in nurse anesthesia that will enable critical care registered nurses to become either certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) or, for those possessing a Master’s degree, to become doctorally prepared practitioners to expand their background in clinical anesthesia with an expanded understanding of advanced sciences, leadership, and patient safety.

The DNAP curriculum develops advanced critical thinking skills, analysis of current research, evaluation of evidence-based clinical practices, health care policy, and human factors and patient safety. The DNAP degree prepares CRNAs for leadership and management, patient-centric care, nurse anesthesia education, and clinical excellence.


How to Apply

Prospective students should access the application through the affiliated hospital school of nurse anesthesia website.  The affiliated program websites are provided below.  Students have an opportunity to access and apply through each affiliated program.

Yale New Haven Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia

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Nurse Anesthesia Program of Hartford

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