Earth Sciences with a Specialization in Environmental Geology, BS

This program is offered by the Geological Sciences Department

Program Description

The Environmental Geology Specialization is designed for students planning a career as a professional geologist with government agencies (e.g. environmental protection), and environmental industries. In addition, students will be prepared for graduate-level studies in geology or related fields.

Learning Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Scientific literacy: Students will be able to identify, analyze, and apply earth science concepts, principles, laws, and theories.
  2. Ability to do science: Students will be able to interpret, analyze, and apply the Scientific Method and other related inquiry related skills, as well as quantitative methods, in the earth science lab.
  3. Communications: Students will be able to use oral and written communication to accurately and effectively convey earth science concepts.
  4. Technology literacy: Students will be able to select and accurately use appropriate tools, equipment, and technologies in the earth science lab.
  5. Research: Students will be able to locate, interpret, analyze, and/or conduct and present earth science research.