Educational Leadership: Higher Education Strand, Ed.D.

This program is offered by the Educational Leadership, Policy, & Instructional Technology Department

Program Description

This program is designed to enhance the skill set of current higher education professionals who aspire to leadership positions, while accommodating work schedules. Some areas of individualized specialization include business, student affairs, institutional research, and athletics.

Learning Outcomes

Prior to defending their dissertation proposals all doctoral students must document mastery of program learning outcomes and show their ability to:

  1. demonstrate an ethical and moral commitment to collaborative work that promotes positive learning for all members of the organization;
  2. demonstrate the ability to foster best practices with the understanding that teaching and learning are at the heart of the organization's mission;
  3. connect the immediate work of organizational improvement to the larger philosophical, political and historical context, and to the organization's mission;
  4. establish a commitment to social justice through their work and act in ways that promote social justice in their organizations;
  5. utilize evolving technologies to improve organizations, enhance learning, and build institutional identity;
  6. foster continuous organizational improvement grounded in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and application of data;
  7. locate, interpret, and assess relevant educational research and apply it to both practice and the design and conduct of research.