Educational Leadership: Higher Education Administration Strand, Ed.D.

This program is offered by the Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology Department

Program Curriculum

P12 Strand Course and Capstone Requirements:

Foundational Core (18 credits)

EDL 705 is taken for 6 credits in the P12 strand. Students take 3 credits in the first summer, 1.5 in the first fall, and 1.5 in the first spring. EDL 735 is taken for 1.5 credits in the second fall and 1.5 credits in the second spring.

Curriculum and Literacy (Specialization option 2)

This specialization is for students who plan leadership careers in P12 settings such as reading and curriculum specialists. It includes courses in literacy, curriculum, and instructional leadership. Students may take up to 15 credits selected from among the following 3 credit courses:

Higher Education Strand Course and Capstone Reqirements:

Organizational Learning and Innovation (Specialization option 1)

This specialization is appropriate for students most interested in a career in administration, academic affairs, and support of program development. Courses develop skills in using a systems lens for designing innovative solutions to problems of practice. Candidates create project and design-based products to meet organizational needs. Students 15 credits of graduate level coursework in advisor-approved directed electives within the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Instructional Technology.  

Student Affairs (Specialization option 2)

This is an appropriate specialization for students without a background in the area, but who are planning a career in student affairs. Students take 15 credits of graduate level coursework in advisor-approved electives in content related to supporting student development in institutions of higher education.   

Total Credit Hours: 63