English, B.A.

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This program is offered by the English Department

Program Curriculum

A minor is required with this major.

Requirements: (42 credits)

In addition, 24 credits on the 300-400 level as follows:

  • 6 credits in British literature, at least one in a period preceding 1798 and at least one in a period following 1798;
  • 6 credits in American literature, one in a period preceding 1865 and one in a period following 1865;
  • 3 credits in world literature; and
  • 9 credits of 300/400-level electives drawn from English literature or film courses or selected writing courses (ENG 372, ENG 374, ENG 375, ENG 401, ENG 483, ENG 484, ENG 485; only one writing course may be used as an elective). ENG 220 may be used to satisfy the British pre-1798 requirement or as one of the literature electives.

Students' 24 credits in 300/400 level courses must include at least nine credits in literature courses at the 300 level and at least six credits in literature courses at the 400 level.

All variable-topic courses (ENG 348, ENG 358, ENG 388, ENG 448, ENG 458, ENG 449, and ENG 488) may be taken twice under different topics. Further substitutions within area requirements are permitted only with prior approval of the advisor and the department chair.

Total Credit Hours: 42