English, M.A.

This program is offered by the English Department

Program Description

Provides study in British and American literature for careers in teaching elementary, middle, or secondary school and prepares for work at the doctoral level. Provides tools for other careers involving the reading, writing, and analysis of texts.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. construct a sound argument, supporting effectively and appropriately a valid claim about the material addressed;
  2. discuss effectively the literary aspects of a prose work or works, such as tone, point of view, characterization, imagery, etc.;
  3. employ technical language and appropriate literary terminology in service of a clear, effective treatment of material discussed;
  4. analyze a work or works effectively from the perspective of genre;
  5. offer persuasive and technically accurate close readings of poetry, including analysis of prosody and other formal features;
  6. construct an effective analysis of a work or works informed by the tenets of a literary theory;
  7. analyze a work or works effectively from the perspective of the cultural issues it addresses (gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, etc.);
  8. analyze a work or works considering accurately their engagement with relevant historical periods;
  9. read effectively and incorporate successfully into their own arguments secondary material treating the works they address.

Student Testimonials

Within one semester of CCSU’s English program, I knew I was in the right place. I have been able to help with research, tutoring, copy editing, and submitting work for publication. The faculty is diverse, inviting, and truly committed to the needs and dreams of their students.
–Mariah R. Maresh G‘21