Geography, M.S.

This program is offered by the Geography Department

Program Description

Prepares students for careers in environmental studies, urban and regional planning, travel and tourism, computer mapping or geographical information systems work and further study in doctoral programs. Provides high-quality field application and promotes technology innovations including geotechnology.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop a research proposal and carry out an independent research on a chosen topic

  2. Develop a substantive claim of the literature in Geography in general and in at least one subfield of the subject.

  3. Present and defend research work in oral and written literature using accepted social science research methods.

  4. Demonstrate competent skills in the collection, analysis and mapping of geographic data.

  5. Apply geographic knowledge and skills to solve a range of problems faced by businesses, industry, government etc.

  6. Write effectively and persuasively about key theories, principles and issues in geography, and make appropriate citation of principal sources when making critical written arguments.

  7. Know the major theories and important figures in the development of geography;

  8. Be able to use geography outside the classroom; and

  9. Be able to conduct and communicate the results of geographic research.