Geography, M.S.

Program Curriculum

Course and Capstone Requirements:

Students enrolled in the graduate program must comply with all requirements in the current graduate catalog.

Students select Plan A, B, or C.

Total Credit Hours: 30

Plan A

Choose one of the following courses:

9-12 credits of geography electives selected in consultation with an advisor; and 3-6 credits of electives selected from other disciplines in consultation with an advisor. Thesis guidelines are available from the appropriate Dean’s office.

Plan C

GEOG 595 instead of a thesis

Geography Electives:

  9 credits of directed electives in geography.  

Up to 9 credit hours total may be 400-level courses that are listed in the graduate catalog.

Global Sustainability Specialization:

30 credits total, plus any additional prerequisite courses.

Program Rationale:

The M.S. in Geography: Global Sustainability Specialization is designed to enable students to examine global environmental, social, and economic challenges facing society and to explore possible sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Graduate students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to explain sustainability in the global context.
  • Demonstrate an empirical grasp of the human-environment relationship.
  • Be able to apply geographic theories and methods to research and communicate sustainability issues.

Total Credit Hours: 30

Each graduate student’s planned program of graduate study is custom designed to provide the best possible preparation for the career selected, and can include practical work experience to apply classroom theory.