Graphics Technology, Minor

Program Description

Introduction of the internet (digital communications) into the digital graphics and print media industry led to the digital revolution dramatically changing the way we interact and communicate. In this scenario, print is just one of many media channels which consumers can access. The practice of interactive, static, still and moving imagery has converged, as evidenced in the capability of the present role of image capturing, print/packaging, publishing, and interactive/motion technologies. These technologies have resulted in both opportunities and challenges and have created a need for college graduates who understand the entire digital graphics and print media process and possess the competencies necessary to manage print and non-print media related operations.

Program Curriculum

Graphics Technology, Minor

Total Credit Hours: 18


Raymond Angelo
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Hyman Braverman
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Jonathan Braverman
Copernicus Hall 212
David Broderick
Copernicus Hall 125-03
David DeFeo
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Haji Dharavath
Copernicus Hall
Thomas Ferranti
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Xiaobing Hou
Copernicus Hall 2351000
Peter Kootsookos
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Christopher Leigh
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Frederick Mangini
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Olusegun Odesina
Copernicus Hall 2240702
Sangho Park
Copernicus Hall 2420100
Santo Pirruccio
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Bruce Plumley
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Nana Poku
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Luis Rivera
Copernicus Hall 235-0900
Dominic Sorgio
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Joshua Sousa
Darryl Stein
Jesse Vazquez
Copernicus Hall 2120900
Shuju Wu
Copernicus Hall 2120910
Deborah Zanella
Copernicus Hall 2351400
Shushan Zhao
Copernicus Hall 2120100