International Studies, B.A.

Program Description

International & Area Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to build student expertise in particular world regions. Coursework explores diverse international issues including globalization; global population, migration, and health; international conflict, terrorism, governance, and law; imperialism, decolonization, and development; and the role of gender, race, and class in international contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate sensitivity to the global diversity of cultural values, beliefs and worldviews;

  2. demonstrate proficiency in the history, culture, and language(s) of a particular world region;

  3. demonstrate knowledge of the interconnectedness of global phenomena;

  4. critically approach social, political, and economic cultural issues of a global nature;

  5. collect and analyze data on projects of a global scope or which relate to a particular world area;

  6. demonstrate international competency, mastery of theory, and appropriate use of relevant literature, data, evidence, and argument in the scholarly paper (senior project).